Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Flight of the Haggis

With thanks to Laura Sykes for prodding me in the ribs with this erstwhile project, I am delighted to feature a blog written by one of my longest standing online muckers...

The work of Fr Richard Haggis, this blog is in the hands of a lyrical writer who has a very clear grasp of the realities of the world and the church. Put another way, he is a cynic, but does is in a most beautifully crafted way. 

Seriously though, Richard is a joy to read (even in those encounters on social media) and I advocate his thoughtful work to the rest of you. He knows a little of the vagueries of the Church of England, but has never lost his pastoral heart. I have neglected our association for far too long, so I am glad to have an opportunity to do something to mend that!


  1. I still have not met Richard but feel I know him well - we are both insomniacs and often chat on Facebook in the middle of the night. I second what you say about him being a joy to read, and he manages great erudition and wit even in the context of instant messaging!

  2. What charming things to read! If I weren't retired already I'd retire now lest I fail to sustain the standard ...



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