Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Jewels of Ministry

A Note to God
Every once in a while, in good times and in bad, the Good Lord presents moments that shine brighter than any light. I am delighted that today provided one such moment for me.

Just as I started preparing lunch for the family, I received a call from a lady who had taken the number from the church notice-board by the road (that she managed to read it was a miracle in and of itself). She and her husband were celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary, and as they had been married in Ss Philip & James, could they pop by and visit the church as they were in the area?

Yes, of course, said I. When? This afternoon is fine. See ya then! 

They were with me in the church for the first time since they were married, took some pictures, commented on the changes (of which there were few apparently), and reminisced about their wedding day and the guests. Then Vicar Boy had an idea, one that I presented to them tentatively. They agreed

... and so we had a spontaneous Service for the Renewal of Marriage Vows (as I had the right book to hand). Irrespective of whose idea it was, it was a truly magical moment that made a couple older than my own birth parents newly weds all over again, and acted that way too. If this is parish ministry, then it is the best of things. 


  1. Way to go, David! If they made your day, I bet you made theirs too.

  2. This is a really encouraging story. I really do think that God's had was on it. Not only did it mean something to the couple it also really encouraged me by reminding myself that God is a loving God of surprises.

  3. rubbish! library books get renewed; marriage is for life.

    Is there no heresy to which the cofe will not sink?

  4. Anonymous, renewal of vows is simply a liturgical 'happy birthday' or 'happy anniversary'. As I don't know your name, I can never know if you are fool, or if it just seems that way :)



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