Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Goodbye Little Mate

Highs and lows; peaks and troughs - that is life. 

Our little cat Stimpy died this morning. She had been flagging since the house move and never recovered from the upheaval of yet another new home. We acquired her from the Cat's Protection League fourteen years ago, a manky scrat of a thing with a lump missing from her ear and a nasty mouth infection that gave her grim breath. She had been feral, spayed too young and remained a timid small thing. She fled in fear of anyone except Mrs Acular and I (she never fully warmed to the Twins). She had next to no voice so her 'meows' were a little less than you might expect. Never a crossed claw and never once angry or aggressive, she was a cat who loved the garden and being outside. Well, I say that - we have witnessed her seeing off huge tomcats who dared to stray too close. Then she was a lunatic, and violent too. 

But she was our cat. She was part of our family. She was loved and she loved back, in her own way. I tend to spend my free evenings horizontal on my settee, and the normal place for Stimpson T. Catte was on my chest with her quiet purr that was barely audible. She liked to head-butt me into submission, so I had no real choice about my chest passenger. Only my chest - no-one else's, ever. 

And now she is gone, our little cat. And it is horrible. 


  1. Sorry to hear that. No-one should underestimate how painful it is to lose such a companion. If I weren't an orthodox Christian, I'd pray for the repose of her soul. Instead I pray for you in your loss.

  2. So very sorry David (and Jo). It is a very painful thing to lose a companion of such long standing.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and also with her feline companion who will feel her loss too.
    Families are made up of many constituents, all have their place and leave big empty spaces when they leave.

  3. So sorry about poor little Stimpy. She seemed to get old before her time but she's had a good life in a good home since you rescued her and one can do no more than that. My love to all of you, including Nermal.

  4. Sorry to hear this sad news. Love to all xx

  5. David, very sorry to hear it. When we married, Spouse brought 3 cats with her. We loved them to bits, when the inevitable happened and they passed, we said never again, as we missed them so much.

    Now we have five, plus a lodger and several semi-feral ones who inhabit our garden. One night last Christmas I counted nine around the house.

    We love them all, but know that we will have heartache eventually for them all. Never again!

  6. I'm so, so sorry to hear this news, David. What a sweet companion, and how she must have loved the life you were able to give her after her hard start. My condolences.

  7. :-( the total unconditional love the animals who share our lives with is something to treasure. I feel for your & Mrs Acular's loss. x

  8. Sorry to hear that David.....we are still missing our ancient cat who died in the summer....we sometimes actually feel that he is still with us supervising the dog! She was part of your family....big hugs for you all!

  9. So sorry, David. Our pets become part of the family and leave a big hole in our hearts when they die.

    Stimpy's lack of voice may have had something to do with starting life as a feral kitten. I noticed that our litter of feral kittens this summer never made a sound in any circumstance - presumably an instinctive way of avoiding dangerous notice in the wild.



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