Monday, 4 July 2011

AMiE, AMiE, Give Me Your Answer, Do!

"All who believed were together and had all things in common" (Acts 2: 44)

"God is love, and those who live in love live God, and God lives in them" (1 John 4:16)

Togetherness and love are what the Church of God has in common with every normal family in all their shades. The Church family has Christ as its head, we have our Mother in the perfectly sublime Mary, and we are children, together, of the same Heavenly Father. 

The problem is that Christians in many circles have given up being together. They have stopped negotiating their differences, listening, talking, or even trying to understand. The enemy, in the minds of many Christians is not without, it is within. In so many ways, grace has become so thin that where someone is different or hold a different view, that they are considered opponents. 

The Church of England is still reeling from the wanderings of some Anglo-Catholics, who have taken entire parish communities with them, leaving behind some of the most appalling messes. Far better to conveniently overlook the whole transubstantiation thing because it is but a trifling next to the weightier issue of grubby women. People speak of integrity - I just see people refusing to play by rules that they don't subscribe to, and taking the ball with them in many cases. 

Now we have the crew at the other end of the ecclesial spectrum. Not only have they found a friendly archbishop (the nearest was in Kenya, apparently), but they have presumed to call themselves 'Anglican Mission in England' [AMiE]. Forgive me, but how dare they? Their intention is, by all accounts, to teach the rest of us flawed CofE types what we should be doing. This is, of course, wrapped around the whole 'women thing' is another family member to go it alone. Mine, too, is an Anglican Mission in England - and like FinF, have taken a statement that applies to all Christians and made it their own in the context of their choosing (and not mine).  

I am peeved by all of this. I am saddened that we have got to a stage, in a multi-communicative age, when communication is all but gone. This feels exactly how it would if one of my children, whom I lovingly raise and feed, love and nurture - came up to me and told me that because we are having salad for tea that they are going to find another Dad (but won't be moving out, because it is their room, and would I mind still paying for the heat and light). In a normal domestic family, this would be regarded as appalling behaviour, a grotesque dis-respect.

So why is it appropriate behaviour in a church setting? 

If it is, then I ought to let you all know that I have an emotional and theological issue with the music of Patrick Appleford. I am going to find me an archbishop (Archbishop Frosty Inuit, he'll do), and give myself a cracking good name: Society To Undermine Patrick's Irritating Dirges (or alternatively the Association for the Restoration of Sung Expressions of Spirituality)  - an organisation that will presume to tell the rest of you lot what to do and how you should jolly well do it. Sorted. 

I don't really have an issue with Patrick Appleford's music, not completely.


  1. Now you know why we, the-ones-who-blog-against-the-Anglican-Covenant are so 'gusset-rotated' (in your marvellous phrase)!
    Anglicanism is emphatically NOT (or has never been until now) about telling each other what to do from a position of lofty superiority.

    I'll tell you what - we can obviously leave the taking-on of AMIE in your capable hands (though always ready to reinforce any sallies you propose) and we will concentrate on the Covenant which you find it hard to get worked up about.
    'You take the high road, and we'll take the low road'... See you at the top of the mountain, brother!

  2. I don't really have an issue with Patrick Appleford's music, not completely.

    Due to the wishy washy, liberal, revisionist attitude of its founder, I am cancelling my membership of STUPID and will be starting my own group. In order to completely confuse everyone, especially the media, I will be calling my group EVENMORESTUPID.

  3. Hahaha

    Yes, I failed - I succumbed to flim-flam in thr face of flim-flam!

    Laura, you have yourself a deal!

  4. I shall be seeking alternative oversight from Lay Anglicana. That lady is not for turning.

  5. Graham Standish in his book 'Discovering the Narrow Path says in relation to conflict:

    "P147: … is always a struggle determining what is the right way of reaching out to the worlds needs, especially when it involves reaching out to those who are seen as sinners; in ministries that spark controversy and missions that cause scandal. …. some of the hot button topics such as homosexuality, abortion, evangelism, salvation and the ordination of women.

    P147. The basic problem with these issues is that the people who gain the most attention from the public are the ones with the loudest voices and the greatest zeal...unfortunately, they are the ones who tend to be the most extreme....these are the people who sit on the ridges to our right and left screaming to us that our way is not God's way.

    P148. The more we sit on the ridges to the right or left of the narrow path, the more we lose the path that God leads us to walk, especially in our work on behalf of God..... When we walk the narrow servant path through the obscured and twisting valleys of God's ministry, we are still fed by the streams that cascade down from the hills of those extreme ridges. Those who stand on the ridges, offering us a clear-cut answers, do provide some important answers. They just don't supply all the answers".

    I couldn't say better then Graham Standish what the formation of AMiE means to me. Another divisive mechanism which appears to be both sly and deceitful, if not, why all the secrecy surrounding its formation.

  6. Well said, UKViewer!
    I am happy to join EVENMORESTUPID, but in a discipleship role to our dear Mad Priest.

  7. Brilliant, Lay Anglicana!

    Our first project will be the setting up of The EVENMORESTUPID Mission to Twickenham.

  8. Liking this thread more and more.

    Squash will be provided.

    Lord Jesus Christ, You have come to us,
    Mary's Suuuuuuuuuuun ...



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