Saturday, 2 July 2011

And The Truth Shall Set You Free

Those of you who know me well enough will know that I am broadly governed by gadgets. I have a desktop sat atop my desk, a palm top gracing my palm, an iTouch which very frequently I touch and a Blackcurrant, which is black. I covet an iPad and will eventually have a paddy if iDont Get1. 

Anyway, the thing is this - every once in a while, the yield of my gadgeteering life catches me up, and through the medium of the binary output, the good Lord sends me his wishes and intentions. 

Next week sees the regular and most excellent event that is the deanery chapter - a gathering of the Anglican clergy of Aylesbury and its surrounding areas. We meet, we talk, we chuckle, we leave: end of. Well, this is in the diary for this week. I say diary - actually, I mean Outlook, that noblest of Microsoft's inventions, the prince of organisers. 

So, that which is in Outlook is declared unto me in a given format - and those of you familiar with the fine estate of the Bill Gates' Empire will know that the entry on my desktop is:

0945 - 1130 Deanery Chapter

A little later I revisited the calendar entry, for fear of forgetting where on Earth I might need to go. The thing about Aylesbury and its Vale is that is very flat, except for one little tuffet upon which rests a little village called Brill. Brill is a nice place full of lovely people and worthy of note, more especially for its Rector than anything else. So, I entered the venue into the calendar entry - just to remind me when I leave the house late as often I do (the curse of blogging - when you gotta, you just haveta).

Quelle domage - bad news. I can't go to the Deanery Chapter because something else has transpired which needs me more. Sorry, Aylesbury clerics - you are going to have to cope without me this time. However, scrupulous records need to be kept, to I returned to my desk-top desktop and amended my calendar entry. The thing is, I don't like to delete things in case I still need to remember that they are or were going to happen. I may wish to pray for the event, or even re-engage with it if plans change yet more. Rather than hit 'delete', I might add 'Cancelled' or 'Not Going' to the Outlook Calendar entry, as appropriate, and so that is what I did. Imagine my surprise when Outlook took this train of events and pieced them all together, for the entry in my calendar now reads:

0945 - 1130 Deanery Chapter - NOT GOING  (Brill)

What might the Lord be telling me?


  1. Ha ha that is so funny - nice one!!



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