Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Summary of Activity

This is an early-Saturday post, which is to say, not worthy of real attention! Some have suggested that a good way to see the net effect of your blog is to review the reader's Top 10 posts. This is a list borne of measurable hits - or in other words, specific page-hits - and cannot include the numbers of those to enter the Site at its head and scroll through pages, if you know what I mean (probably not, I don't). Anyway, here is my Greatest Hits to date: if I am the only one to read this post today, I will have enjoyed the reminiscence!

1. Dad, Junior and the Spook [June 2010]: this post offered my own personal model of Trinity, my own way of 'working it out' - it is read a day every week even to this day, mostly by kind readers in America!

2. What the EDL did for us [May 2010]: I wrote this post at the end of the day when the English Defence League visited my home town - a kind of 'two fingers' at racism.

3. Naked Woman Flesh [July 2010]: This post was a reflection on something very unimportant, but has been a source of much amusement to me since. I get regaular hits on this page by people regularly trawling for porn - I smile every time I imagine the look on their faces!

4. The Might of Women [August 2010]: this was an instant list-maker, but my aim was only to mock the foolishness of some Christians as made manifest in their approach to women!

5. Seeing Through Bloggles [October 2010]: thanks to a direct recommendation from eminent Blogmeister The Church Mouse, this went skywards only yesterday. It is a lighthearted yet serious (as they all are) introduction to blogging, and its pitfalls.

6. Pragmatic Faith [August 2010]: in this post, I confessed a fear about not fitting the Christian mould, less still the ordained Christian mould. This sense persists for me, but I am less bothered/troubled by it.

7. On Being Self-Centred [September 2010]: this post attended to an observation that Christians seem unwilling or unable to put themselves first, even at times of greatest personal tragedy.

8. General Synod or Specific Synod [September 2010]: I wrote this post over the cavassing statements of those who sought election to the General Synod. The election has since been had with some very questionable results.

9. Liturgical Leftovers [August 2010]: a reflection on the liturgical nature of the world-faiths

10. Trust a Man to Get it Wrong [May 2010]: I wrote this on my mother's birthday, the day my dad also chose to cark it several years earlier - enough said!

It is right to offer a note of thanks to those of you who have read this stuff many thousands of time. your comments have been supportive and appropriately challenging, and for that I am most sincerely humbled and grateful. Thanks also to those who 'know me' on Facebook and offer your comment there. This lark is, in my opinion at least, is only worthwhile if someone reads it. God Bless you all.

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