Saturday, 1 May 2010

What the EDL did for us

What a day!

I had started the day with a genuine fear of what might happen. The twittering, the Facebooking, the blogosphere and the world that SMS Texts live in, were all buzzing with the grave potential that today had to be a dark day for the people of my beloved town. 

Well, it was ok in the end, and there have been some very real plusses to a day largely heralded as one where such things might not have manifest themselves.

1. The people of our town, of all faiths and none, were galvanised. The folk of Aylesbury didn't want this, weren't going to support it, and condemned the fact that their town was to be a theatre for a macabre pantomime. I walked the streets before noon and I recieved more 'afternoon vicar's then every before. Yes, there was great apprehension, but we knew that in the end, Aylesbury would be ok. It was and we are. 

2. I am in awe at the professionalism of the police. They were good humoured with me and only in Aylesbury to ensure that we were safe from those who may have sought to hurt us. The Thames Valley Police and their supporters from so many forces demonstrated that they are force to be reckoned with. A town needs to see that every once in a a while, and ironically, I think Aylesbury feels like a safer place tonight. 

3. Our worst fears were not realised, and not realised in the slightest. The true English (and British, and European and Asian and human) heart beat tonight as the bells at St. Mary's rang the 'All Clear' - post-Blitz style.

4. I have learned so much about contemporary communication. Whilst I am fairly savvy, I have learned the significant place that Twitter and Facebook have on days like today. Lies and truth together, they are vehicles that can do so much good too. There was a false rumour being posted by SMS Text that the Mosque had been firebombed - when it was uncovered as a lie, Bp Alan and Fr Shane (my boss and his boss) were able to lurch down to said Mosque and get a pic of them having tea with the Muslim community - and tweet it immediately. It did some good, some real good.

5. The EDL march displaced a the wedding to be held today at St Mary's. We went to the country church in the glorious sun and had a great time.  As it happens, there is a sodding great big hole outside the main door of St. Mary's as a result of some protracted drainage work - so the pics would have been proper manky had we been there!

6. The Bishop bought me a pint in the first business to re-open in Aylesbury. That's always a bonus!

So, as I sit in my house, and as heavy rain pours and cleanses our streets once again - I hope and pray that the people of this most magnificent town will pop to the shops tomorrow. The traders were the real losers, what with it being a bank-holiday Saturday and all that. 

In short ...

Aylesbury 1 : Visiting Team Nil


  1. "I walked the streets before noon and I recieved more 'afternoon vicar's then ever before"

    How many 'afternoons' do you usually get in the morning ?

  2. I knew someone would say that - and fair comment! Add allo Farv and mornin vicah and we would be more in realm of the accurate

  3. Good point Laban. The vicar was obviously lost in a May Day reverie this morning.

    It's true that none of us want this. None of us wish to put people to inconvenience and for shopkeepers to lose trade. This is unfortunate. Once we have solved the problem though, by removing the threat of Islamic fundamentalism from our country, everything will return to normal. I hope that we can rely on your support in this vicar? Could you please do your utmost to convert Muslims to Anglicanism? Although I am an atheist, I recognise the benign and humane essence of your creed.

    Remember, Mohammed wasn't a Christian and he in no way believed in turning the other cheek. He was a warlord, a bandit and practitioner of genocide (witness the fate of the Jews of Medina). His bigamy was bad enough (23 wives), but of course this was made that much worse by the fact that he married his favourite wife - Ayesha - at the age of 6 and consummated the 'marriage' when the poor girl was 9. Note also, that all Muslims without exception (if they are Muslims in belief rather than name only) believe Mohammed to be the paragon of humanity for all time. Given that this 'paragon' was a misogynist paedophile, does it not go a long way to explaining why women and young girls are treated like dirt in Islamic cultures?

    Mohammed was the founder of the most succesful totalitarian ideology of all time which masquerades as a religion. He was no Christ. He was no Buddha. He was no Guru Nanak. Mohammed had more in common with Lenin, Hitler and Mao than with the aforementioned religious figures. Please, please, please acquaint yourself with the reality of the death-cult that calls itself the 'religion of peace' (sic), for your good nature is being taken advantage of by people who see you as a dhimmi fool to be exploited. It may be all smiles and warm words now whilst they are in the minority in Aylesbury, but as they grow in numbers, they will grow more strident and eventually they will call for you to submit. After all, how do you think that the Christian Middle East ended up being predominantly Muslim?

  4. It is a view that you are full liberty to make but it is not mine. From the perspective of my own place here in this very calm town, I stand as a brother to people of faith. People who follow the statutes of their own faith as set down are, for the most part (and with odd exceptions all across the faith groups) loving, prayerful people. I doubt that my friends from thr Mosque will try to convert me so I will extend them the same courtesy. I can't change a world, but I can make a small difference in the square-yard I live in if I have a heart for love - and that is more or less what I am called to do in this dog-collar of mine.



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