Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Reading Alan Crawley seems to have the effect of causing me to piggy-back his topics for my own malevolent ends, mwah ha ha - but I think that is because we wrestle with much the same issues in this funny outlet that we have discovered: the berlogge. Read Alan's recent post here - always good stuff

I have been thinking recently about this, partly as another timely round of navel gazing  but also because I percieve a development in my own blog-persona (yup, I feel ill too - I can't believe I just typed that). 

At the beginning, I wondered why for the love of God I was doing such a riduculously narcissistic thing, that I had nothing to say, that I didn't really care if anyone read it (in truth, better that no-one did), and where would I find the bloody time for this dross. Much of that remains  - but those of you who have read this bilge regularly (and thank you, I truly do appreciate your company and comments), you will have seen developments even in the presentation of this digital enterprise.

1. Appearance - so many templates so little time, nom nom nom - there is a vanity implicit in this, and I think that green just doesn't suit me (collides with the pastel tones of my skin or summink).
2. Widgets (or, in plain english - gadgets) - you may look to the bottom of your screen; I give you games to play even. Aren't I good? But the best ones are the ones that allow to while away hours just watching you all log on and log off. It goes to my head, it really does - especially in the first 20 minutes after I post - I can get all un-neccesary!
3. Rankings - much I am trying and failing to avoid this, you look at a more mature (in age if not in content) blog and you will see how they rate in every list that you never heard about and never cared about. Blogrankings have me currently at Rank 80 - so what? 80th blog from someone with a need to rant too frequently online? 80th in line to the throne of Mongazakstan? It is meaningless, but oh so important.
4. Comments - bloggers appreciate them, be they good or bad, because they are a measure of reciept at least. Thanks to those who do comment, I love you all (four of you). 
5. Frequency - to miss a day or two becomes quite painful (to me). It is quite addictive I think, but oddly, I begin to feel like I am letting you down. No, stop that, you don't need to tell me not to worry! Alan posted just to say he was not going to post - the prosecution rests, m'lud.

But now for the serious bit - it is a wonderful privilege to be silly, poignant grumpy trusting  loving political a bit theological but most significantly of all,  completely honest. It is a great gift to me, and although I am not position to assess my own competency (except that I recognise that my spelling is apalling), it remains my fervent hope that someone, somewhere (and not just me) gets just a moment or two of pleasure from this stuff. If I thought for one moment that that didn't happen, I'd delete in a heartbeat.

(Please also treat this silly post as an interim Greatest Hits compilation - mercenary git that I am)


  1. I'm sure I'm not alone in enjoying your blog, possibly for some of the reasons you enjoy writing it. Don't delete. Disappointed you've added advertising. On the other hand I suppose Google wouldn't be able to provide free blogging space without getting revenue from advertisers.

  2. -your spelling is not too bad but if I've said this once, I've said it a million trillion times (how do you spell hyperbole?)
    "i before e except after c"
    Now get it right, OK?

  3. SEEKER< you are right about the advertising - though I thought I could have more control over content - silly me!!! It is SO gone!



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