Monday, 7 June 2010

I Was Wrong

I read with interest Seeker's post on  the World Cup 2010. I, like her, am not a footballist, and for the life of me do not understand the attraction of kicking the spleen of a badger around a lawn with lines on it. Still, all the rage it seems to be, and I know this even beyond the electrification of my televisual device - I only have to look at the myriad flags that are festooned over the estate-Mercs and people-carriers of the nation.

We are in the throes of World Cup Fever. Yay.

Despite my inexorable and overpowering need to 'tut' and moan, I sense that this is a good time. If we forget for a moment that millions of people are now displaying the Christian symbol on their cars, quite unintentionally, I cast my mind back to an earlier post on identity where I grumbled about people not standing true to their own. What I am seeing is a nation of people who, for a couple of weeks at least, will probably put aside much that is unhelpful in our society, climb behind the Cross of St George and celebrate who they regard themselves to be - celebrate it in a healthy and positive way at that. I have heard it said that people can become united behind a common foe - and it now seems that people can become united behind a common hope.

No, I am not a footballist (except for the the bit after the semi finals when I too will watch avidly), and I am the first to bang on about ITV hijacking of my weekday evening TV viewing in favour of those who are 'Football United' - but for now, I am going to end a post glad. I am glad of this opportunity that we have to celebrate who were are, have some fun doing it, release some of that pent up frustration and agression, and glad that we are a nation who can stand up and claim unity, every once in a while. 

Is now a good time to confess that I support Honduras?

...only joking.

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