Friday, 18 January 2013

Them Gays

I have read this, thanks to him, because I wouldn't normally have happened upon such material. I can sum up my feelings in the following way:

To my mind, people who are homosexual were born homosexual as I was born with gorgeous brown eyes and a cheeky smile. Knocking someone for their gayness is, perhaps, not unlike certain twentieth century people taking against those with brown eyes and let us say, for sake of example, slightly Jewish looks which they were born with. I was also born with a propensity to poor hearing and I am no good at sport. If someone is born gay, and if the scriptures have any value (maybe citing, perhaps Psalm 139), how can Father Khurt assert the things he asserts. At what point did we stop preaching grace, and love, and all that slightly inconvenient "God is Love plc" stuff? I am guessing that Father Khurt regards deafness as a sin or blindness, or alopecia. 

Just saying. I can defend my argument from Scripture too. 


  1. With you all the way, David.

  2. Ditto and likewise David, but, "gorgeous brown eyes"?
    Modest as ever!

  3. As an evangelical who agrees wholeheartedly with what Steve Chalke has written AND the ethos & the approach he employs (i.e. a context of inclusion, integrity & consistency), I am seriously disturbed at the tone & content of some of the comments in the thread you refer to hear, David. And that definitely includes some of Martin Kuhrt's original post.
    Thanks for drawing my attention to it all the same.

  4. Fantastic concise post. Something I failed with. I found Steve Chalke's article liberating, as I suggest here Having been pointed at the Fulcrum article by your post, I find it hard to understand and definitely can't accept it.

    Why is theological debate so messy and hurtful? It's hardly Christian is it!

  5. "To my mind, people who are homosexual were born homosexual"

    And the scientific evidence for this would be what?

  6. Well, I do not regard my gay friends as suffering from a curable disease, as neither did I offer science. But brother, I know you are blessed with much knowledge on this subject, so perhaps you can explain to me how my children can 'catch' homosexuality - in the playground? Maybe it communicated as an air-born virus, or perhaps a kissing-bug like Glandular Fever. Lordy, maybe my kids shouldn't touch anyone - though that said, if mine expressed homosexuality at some point in their life, I wouldn't seek to cure the, Just me, perhaps



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