Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ricky Gervais Finds Religion

I would like to thank my Honourable Friend from Husborne Crawley for bringing this to my attention. It is a matter of considerable celebration for me and should be for all men and women of faith.

Ricky Gervais has found religion (and I don't refer to the long observed Messiah Complex of his). 

And he is also guilty of an infraction of the Trades Description Act.

Why? Let me explain. Were he an atheist, as his chest proclaims, he would have no business on the cover of The New Humanist magazine. Furthermore, were he still amusing (like the old days of the Eleven O'Clock Show when he was still funny) he wouldn't need to resort to a poor impersonation act. Had he researched in a professional manner, he would have discovered that denim emerged in around 1853, nearly two thousand years after the man he is impersonating. Also, I think that is re-working of Jesus of Nazareth is wholly too camp, and nowhere in the Bible does it suggest that the Palestinian carpenter had a collection of Scissor Sister albums. So, given that he has fallen on hard times and has to busk as a poor impressionist, I shall light a candle and pray earnestly for him and those who depend on him for their daily needs. 

Back to my contention about his place as an atheist on the cover of New Humanist (what happened to the old humanists, did they die of boredom - I wonder what they said when they got to heaven?) Look at the cover. Look at it. These people claim to have no belief in a god and have no time for religious faith - or so you would think. This cover is obsessed with it. In fact, it is a little known fact that Humanists are more concerned about God and Jesus than I am, and I am professional God botherer. Were he an atheist as he claims, he would be no more interested in Jesus than I in Ben 10. I have never appeared on a cover looking like a homoerotic Ben 10. 

The thing is, as a Christian, my time is devoted to God and all that proceeds from that encounter. Same for the Humanists - if only they were honest enough to say so. True atheists, like the ones I know, are generous hearted, open minded people who have made a choice. Then they got on with their lives. 

Yes, Mr Gervais, you have the right to offend us. Only you failed. I haven't laughed at you this much in twenty years. No, I am wrong - now am I laughing at you; I used to laugh with you quite a lot.

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  1. Also, his hair isn't long enough. In all the photos of Jesus I have seen our Lord has long hair.



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