Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Face of Evil?

I need to write this, because I am so upset by the story that this 'man' has caused and that I have just seen on my TV. 

I am upset and angry to the point of physical outburst because this creature tortured and murdered a little tiny life, a gorgeous little boy called Charlie, a boy he was supposed to love and protect once he started a relationship with his mother. Not only did he commit such vile and appaling acts as he did, but he relished them sufficiently enough to film them, and then catalogue the files.

I am finding myself angry with God - I can now understand that emotion. How could this happen? Why is our world still contaminated by this man's existence and not blessed by the hope of the existence of that beautiful boy? I just don't know. 

This sort of outburst is unusual for me, and I sort of feel the need to apologise for writing it down here. I am agitated, and I want to go and disturb my own girls and hold them tight - but why should they be disturbed because an act of evil has been made manifest. I can't even find consolation in the idea that Charlie is now at peace and not feeling pain any more. Scant consolation for me, none for his mother and father whose own pain I can only estimate. 

Please pray for the little boy you see above these words. Please pray for a life that was ended too soon, so full of pain and destruction. Pray that he has found peace. Pray for the family who loved him and have now lost him in the worst of circumstances. Pray for a world where things like this are happening even as I write this and you read it, and pray for those who work to bring it to an end.


  1. I know how you feel.

  2. So do I. Go hug your girls. Or just go and look at them.



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