Thursday, 2 December 2010

Coldilocks and The Three Brrs

Ahh, isn't it lovely - all that beautiful snow just before Christmas! The world looked stunning as I drove between Aylesbury and Thame today; scenes of purest white. A wander into the town later gave me and my children a chance to enjoy the footprints of little birds in the snow around the church. Somewhere, I am sure I can hear sleigh-bells. 

Yes, it is beautiful. Yes, it is evocative. Yes, it makes me feel like a kid again as I yearn to fling down a slope on a sledge. However ... 

...there are vulnerable people outside our own doors, 'safe at home', who are literally freezing to death - tonight - now.

This is a short post, and more of a challenge wrapped in a plea. I urge every one of you who reads this little offering to pay a visit to just one person that you know who may be living alone, vulnerable to these temperatures - and check that they are ok. Get some shopping in for them, check that all is well and that they don't need medicines, and so on. Do it in the next 48 hours; have a cuppa with them - I am sure the cold is exacerbated by loneliness. They may be the last person you associate with vulnerability, but don't take it for granted.

You might just save their life, and if not that, make their day.


  1. I trust this is not just a "do as I say" exercise, and that you will be leading by example.

    May I also have the temerity to suggest that you should beware of seeing "vulnerability" where it does not exist, for fear of appearing patronising.

  2. You know me well enough to know that I wouldn't written without first doing - but a fair comment nontheless.

    And you also know me well enough to know I mean it as it is, and where it is - but again, you are right that the curse of patronising is to defeat all efforts to help those in possible need. I mean 'vulnerability' in its absolute sense, and where it absolutely is.

    Challenging comment - appreciated :)



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