Friday, 17 December 2010

Carpe Diem

This week has proven to be a tough one for a whole manner of reasons, all of which have been thrown into relief by general fatigue. I am among many who are frazzled at this time of the year, and having reviewed my posts this last week or so, can see a pattern developing which I am keen to resolve or conclude.

I was at a military dinner this evening with the Air Cadets from the town where I live. I was their guest as I am in fact the padre to the Army Cadets, but enjoy a great relationship with this group too. They are well-behaved, funloving, motivated young people and an evening in their company has been a joy. In the course of a conversation, one of them piped up with the phrase "you have to live for the present", and before I had time even to think about it, retorted with "well, we are all dead in the future". Like something of a bolt, it just bounced between my eyes  - what we have is now. We have now to make our difference, make our mistake, learn our lesson, journey forth, hesitate fatally. This doesn't mean that I am suddenly humanist (God forbid), but rather that I will not languish in a self-applied state of abdication because 'God will sort it out later'. The moment, 'now', is a gift - nothing less.

Me sitting here and bewailing is a waste of that moment. Tiredness is as nothing compared to the burdens of some. As one week closes and another lies ahead, I will try to take with me this renewed conviction of the value of the moment. To waste one is a mistake, to waste more is criminal.

On a wholly personal note, I would like to thank those of you who have shown me care this week, through comments here and elsewhere. I really am a very lucky man - I cannot ask for more than I have in this life. Bless you all.


  1. Message from your mother -

    If you weren't sitting at your computer blogging at 23.06 but instead were tucked up in your virtuous couch keeping the draught off Mrs. Acular's tootsies like any sensible middle-aged cleric would be at the beginning of the week before No. 1 Busy Season -

  2. Well why didn't I think of that. It's a revelation!

    Well, it would be had I not written this after just returning home, sipping a Malt and winding down from the last event!

    Still, blessed my Muvva - she luvs me!



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