Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I Am Doloris Van Cartier

Not really - that would be preposterous. 

It was my joy and delight to see the musical 'Sister Act' at the London Palladium last night. We went with two good friends to see this stage-remake musical of the 1992 Whoopi Goldberg film [she was meant to star as Mother Superior, but she had lost her mother a couple of days earlier - prayers for Miss Goldberg aplenty]. I am not much of a one for musicals, but Mrs Acular is, and when she is happy so am I - but this was an amazing production. Quite unlike some musicals I have seen (and didn't enjoy), this one featured a long succession of really well produced songs that just thumped to the beat without exception. 

When I am in the presence of creativity, I often inexplicably become creative. Last night was another example. I sat and I ponder the possibily of writing a musical of the life of St. Peter. I would set in the context of English comtemporary street-culture; the events in the life of Peter could be translated easily into such a context, with moments such as 'I Will Follow You', 'Do You Love Me', 'I Do Not Know Him' all set to a rock score and choreographed with an edgy street-dance support. This enterprise would be called The Rock - sorted; send me my quids Lord Lloyd Webber.

The real musical I saw yesterday tells the tale of a lounge singer who witnesses a murder at the hands of her boyfriend. She is hidden away in a convent for 'witness protection', and during her stay turns a group of closeted Sisters from an choir of the queazy into a Gospel Troupe Extraordinare. She not only transforms their musical fortunes, but attracts new worshippers, raises money pay for a crumbling inner-city church, and finds her own soul at the same time. The set was amazing - a 20' high statue of Our Lady, robes made by a genuine clerical-outfitters. The context I could understand and relate to.

It struck me as I sat there loving this thing - that there was something of the familiar about all of this. The reasons that brought me into a life of faith are very different, but I feel at times as that character felt (and have reported in this blog ad nausiam) - it's the square peg round hole thing. That all said, it was a joy to watch a tale unfold where the differences are the catalyst for good change, not a forceful wrench away from what is normal!


  1. Sorry to tell you, but the St. Peter musical has been done already by Roger Jones - he even called it "Rock" - so you may need to have a few tame copyright lawyers handy :)

    That said, I loved the film and hope the stage show is as good. Keep the creativity coming, and maybe the round hole will develop a few accommodating square corners.

  2. Bummer

    well, at least it was a good idea had in isolation - even if someone did get their first lol



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