Monday, 30 August 2010

Armchair Living

A second post in one night, Cloake? What is going on? 

[I had caffiene too late!]

I am not wishing to presume that all of you that read this are fully conversant with the form and nature of the Tweet or indeed of the thing we call Twitter. If you are that person, Twitter is a fairly new social-network device which allows the user to communicate electronically to the world (or varying strata within that number) in 140 characters or less. Life by statement, in other words. There is an emergent language too, which would would be seen as (for example):

@FrDavidCloake RT @revdlesley I am having a gr8 time at #gb10

Loosely translated, that Tweet (for that is what that array of symbols is called) states that Lesley Fellows [Twitter name @revdlesley] was having a good time at Greenbelt 2010 [hash-tag '#gb10' so all those who 'follow' that tag can see what she had written]. I  myself had read that and 're-Tweeted' it, hence 'FrDavidCloake [me] and RT [re-Tweeted]. Clear, dear? Keep up! 'Re-Tweeting' is bouncing a Tweet that I have read at all the people who follow my Twitter-feed [all the 140 character or less statements that I make, and that others read]. I've made it worse, haven't I?!

Anyway - Twitter is (and I have said it before) like being everywhere yet no-where. I was at Greenbelt today, in the Tiny Tea Tent, the Jesus Arms, listening to Maggi Dawn (though not ignoring my wife this time), getting a feel for the Edgy Mass - all from my settee in Aylesbury as the kids played dutifully at my feet. I am very frequently in the mind of some very dodgy folks, in their sober times and otherwise. I have seen governments fall and sports reporters rise, all without moving an inch from my sedentary position. 

So, if you are ludicriously nosy, Twitter is for you. It is like Eastenders without Dot; like Coronation Street but less amusing; like Top Gear but not as good and lacking Clarkson which is not an advantage; like Antiques Roadshow but digital (people air their dusty nick-nacks a lot on Twitter, but not for valuation) - it is a life you just can't afford not to lead (double-negative, I'm off to bed).

1 comment:

  1. Not sure I am ludicrously nosey...probably just ludicrous!

    Enjoying the casual 'chatter' of Twitter, though ...and watching as the experiment in bible discussion 'chatbible grows & grows'

    As William Booth nearly said "why should the Devil have all the good technology"?



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