Monday, 2 August 2010

Too Much of A Good Thing

The Full English Breakfast is to me a work of culinary art. It is moorish comfort food and the prospect delights me. 

There are times when such a prospect emerges on life's horizon, and such a prospect every day for a week or so. Hurrah! Nom nom nom!

Something unforseen happened when I was walking the West Highland Way for a week once; by Thursday, I couldn't bear another bite of such a grease-feast. The same thing happened when we were away a few weeks ago - by the end of the week I just had no more capacity for a fried breakfast.

It is not just food that works in me like this. I was once offered a fancy car for a weekend by a friend, as a favour. You may know that this is for me a wonderful thing, and this Mercedes was the mutts nuts. I took mum and dad out in it, The Wife too, and I drove and drove - until in the end it just felt like any other car. I couldn't believe it! 

This probably connects with my views on not achieving all our dreams. It seems that when we get what we think we want, very quickly we get used to it and in the end we realise that perhaps we didn't really want it at all. Sometimes, the idea is better than the thing itself. 

The exception to this is the miraculous in life; the love of one's children, the joy of seeing the person you love most in the world every day, a good experience of prayer, the soaring melody of a piece of music - those things can be soaked up to excess and never lose their valency. Perhaps the exception to this is in the non-material ...

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