Monday, 19 July 2010

Work/Life Balance

This is the moment when being a dad, being a priest and being human all collided at the same moment. (I have since learned to close the door behind me)


  1. eew. Now I see why you called yourself the vernacular curate. Dad - check. Human - check, yes that's enough info, thank you. But what priestly function are you performing here?

  2. Such things are normal - but did it need to be photographed? And having been photographed, did you really have to share it with the world?

  3. Fair comment Charlie

    My point was that I was working (hence the black which I only wear in the house when working) - a little left-field perhaps. Working from home means that I stop being at work and return home by merely crossing a threshold to use the loo!

    ...if you know what I mean!

  4. LL

    You are, of course right. But I feel it is right to allow you share my cherished moments.

    Just cos I can stand and do it!

  5. You evidently stand by what you do. And as with double entendres mentioned elsewhere today, any problems with non-explicit graphics such as this are in the mind of the beholder, eh LL?



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