Monday, 19 July 2010

David Baibey or Lord Titchfield?

I am amazed by this photograph. That it is one of my daughters is not the reason. That it is reasonably well composed is not the reason. That the photographer and subject have managed to negotiate a smile for the picture is not the reason. That the light is right and the colours vibrant is not the reason. That it is focussed and crisp is not the reason either.

The reason that this picture is amazing is that it was taken by my other daughter, barely three years old. I have never taught her to use the camera and neither has my wife. We know she was fiddling with it, but never for a moment thought that she had taken anything! Add to this that our camera is notoriously difficult to use at times (it's a little older than most digital cameras)

Aren't children amazing?

(and for the cynics, it wasn't me cos I wasn't there, and it wasn't The Wife because that is her shoulder you can see)

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