Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Guilty as Charged

It went and happened - I got 'Curatitis', a condition identified by ++Michael Ramsey in the Sixties where a Curate becomes a little jealous of another. It only went and happened to me; and 'where?' you might ask ...!

I was reading Lesley's blog post today in an increasing grump about the exposure her efforts recieve compared to mine (like it matters!?). Her latest post surrounded the event of her birthday, and in that post, she offers a number of lists (read her here). I will be the first to confess that I am deeply envious of her blog successes, and indeed of her intellectual and spiritual depths, and recognise that I have become a little competitive about it (after all, what she stands a chance of achieving in the latter list on her post would look preposterous on any that I could write). Anyway, with all this said, I felt it important to place that confession here for safe keeping and take some counsel! 

Blogging is an odd thing and it often creates apparitions and spectres. What I am guilty of is counting what I do not have and overlooking the riches that I do have. That is now to be corrected.

Entirely by chance, my birthday follows Lesley's by a day - for it is my 'turn' tomorrow (I shall be 38). I have no lists for you, I am afraid, save for wanting to be the best person I can be and for my family to be happy and healthy, and for my flock to draw closer to God (a handsome list nonetheless) - and I have a past that shall remain a matter of privacy not because it is alarming, but because it is quite the opposite! What I think is important for me to place here is a simple 'thank you'.

There are a number of you who read this drivel, reliably and regularly, and I thank you all for spending a moment with me in my thoughts. The presence of each of you is noted, recognised and appreciated. Without readers, this and every blog would be utterly pointless and probably grotesquely self-serving. I consider it an honour and a privilege to have an opportunity to express myself in a form hitherto unknown to me; one where I can work it out as I go along. This blog and those of you who read it are a gift to me that I do not take for granted - and be sure, I write nothing purely to entertain. What you see is what you get is what and who I am in that moment. So thank you ... 

...and for the record, Lesley is a close personal and ministerial friend, and I am in awe of what she writes. I don't always agree with what she writes (it would be dull if I did), but I am delighted to share space with her to the modest extent that I do.


  1. Jonathan (a different one)1 July 2010 at 11:35

    "Readerless" blogs serve many purposes. I know of them being used as normal diaries, spiritual journals, and records of work/study done to be collated for annual assessments.

  2. your blog is great too :)
    oh and Happy Birthday
    red x

  3. Mate thanks for your kind comments, undeserved though they are. You are a great wordsmith and I cannot begin to string words together like you do. I too suffer from Blog Envy sometimes :)
    Happy Birthday youngster!

  4. We all love it when people read and comment on our blogs. However, it is important to do it for yourself as a kind of journal, or therapy or something first and foremost.

    I am a bit demoralised by how many of the blogs I read are disappearing because their writers are giving them up. And I read them! Every now and then I make a resolution to be more prolific blog appreciater, as well as a blog writer.

    Have a great birthday! Celebrate being thirty eight ( wish I was) and celebrate the blog!

  5. They are also useful for certain mothers and certain sons, both of whom may be far too busy keeping the CofE in order to pick up the phone and speak to each other, to recognise and acknowledge each others' continued survival...and for said mothers to discover that their sons have gone away on holiday........?

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