Monday, 17 May 2010

Working with Big Bob and the Captain

Something happened last weekend that I am eager to share with you. Something happened that is often so rare that even thinking it is fruitless, but it happened. 

In Aylesbury, something good happened that bucked trends and filled my stoney heart with hope for the future.

No, I didn't speak in tongues, and no, I didn't suddenly develop a sense of romance - much more improbable than that.

Lean forward, dear reader - lean forward so that I can share this modern day miracle ... are you listening?

Christians from across the traditions worked together on a single enterprise, and we all lived to tell the tale.

You heard it here first folks - carflicks and jellies got it together for the good of the community. And man, it felt good. 

The thing is this (get up off the floor and listen, you can worry about the implications later) - me, Big Bob Big Bob Legge, the Curate from our own AitchTee (HT dear,  as in Holy Trinity, keep up), and Cappun Blyth (aka Andrew), the new Area Dean and Big Bob's boss, we got together for the good of the kids of Aylesbury, and we did good. God saw it and saw that it was good too, cos it didn't widdle on us. 

After the tensions that permeated Aylesbury a few Saturdays back, the Town are providing free street entertainment from now until after the Summer holidays, and Saturday was the turn of Aylesbury Churches Together. So, me, Fr Shane (my boss and chair of the Churches Together), the Cappun and my good mate and fellow geezer Big Bob we got some folks together and between us we rocked. The wonderful people of our churches put on so many activities and games, and we saw hundreds of people into and out of the Big Gazebo. So, Christians from across the traditions can work together, and not come out in a rash. Actually, we had a good laff  too, and recognised that for the 'churchies' of Aylesbury, things were looking very hopeful indeed.

...and thanks for the coffee Andrew - I forgot to say on the day!


  1. I, on the other hand, have just received an email from the local jelly factory (from the 'ministry volunteer', whatever that may be) telling us that she is organising a Big Event for Unchurched Youth (how patronising and disparaging is that as a description of part of God's creation?)and what are they going to do - eh? - pick up litter! She doesn't want us to help at all - too carflick, might corrupt the Unchurched Youth - she's only telling us 'cos this Big Event is to be held in the park in our parish. I hope they have a lovely day.

  2. This and the seminar for 'unchurched men' - while in themselves worthy, the terminology is a worry. It has rather supremesist overtones, and has something of the 'Great Unwashed' about it.

    If, at 15 or 16, someone had referred to me as an 'Unchurched Yoof', I'd would have told them to naff right off!



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