Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I am sure that everyone would have the own compilation album. 'Desert Island Discs' is this premis made manifest, and every once in while I consider my own. 

Partly because I have just enjoyed a track from that notional album, and partly because it is a very insightful self-reflective tool (oh, how these 'compilations' change from year to year), I have pondered my own again:

As I happen to be logged into this thing again, I am going to sling it all down here - I have never written my 'compilation' down before, so here starts a record, for my own interest later, if nothing else.

1. Telegraph Road - Dire Straits
[A long moody rock song, about the corrupting and disposability of the world in a commercial age (I am not selling well, I know) with an guitar led 8 minute instrumental that is made in heaven. Knopfler rocks]
2. Forever Autumn - Moody Blues
[Haunting and beautful, sad and gloomy - all in equal measure. I don't know why, but this one gets me every time]
3. Easy Lover - Phil Collins and Phil Bailey
[Disco blandness, but released at the very same moment that my hormones fired for the first time - so brings back a whole array of happy reminiscence)
4. Agnus Dei (From the 'Requiem') - Gabriel Faure
[A stunning choral moment, wonderful to listen to and wonderful to sing - and the soaring tenor line at the climax make the hairs on my neck prickle every time]
5.Walk This Way - Aerosmith/Run DMC
[Stonking - the original version by Aerosmith is a little dull for me, but this one is wonderful to drive to, on a wide open, empty, straight road]
6. The Power of Love - Huey Lewis and the News
[mostly 'cos I am perpetually locked in the 80's, and this one is great to catawaul to]
[Having seen this performed live, this is my new Metal Anthem - leave no speaker un ruptured - technical excellence of the sort you have to admire whatever your tastes]
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel
[Apparently the most covered track of all time - only the orginal cuts it for me]
9. Feel Like Going Home - Notting Hillbillies (Mark Knopfler)
[This track connects me to my dad, was quoted by me at his funeral and has a momemt of Knopfler axework that is simply amazing - even typing this has caused me to shed a tear, sad git that I am]
10. Old One Hundredth - Wesley, Vaughan Williams [All People that on Earth do Dwell]
[No better version of no better hymn exists - when played and sung with conviction]
11. Question! - System of a Down
[A beautfiul mix of hard metal and classical guitar picking - a beautiful song]
12. Shoot me Again - Metallica
[Played loud when life conspires to run me over, and doesn't]

Bonus Tracks:
1. Viscinity of Obscenity - System of a Down
[Bonkers, but satisfying when you can work out how to sing along - this will make you smile]
2. Guitar Solo - Queen (Live Killers Album) - Two links
[Virtually 13 minutes of Brian May and Roger Taylor in guitar or timpani soli. Any ten minute guitar-solo is a winner with me, and this is the Daddy

There, you can all abandon me as a weirdo, or else you can think your own Album through, maybe even burn the disc - you know you want to ....

07.01.11 links to the music added - sorry they are a little late.


  1. Not quite sure about putting Agnus Dei next to Aerosmith, and I still think the Old Hundredth was better before Vaughan Williams got his grubbies on it, but there is something very 'you' about the list as a whole. How is your psychotherapist getting on these days?

  2. LL, you are a vile philistine - be ye gone unto a nunnery so that ye may have opportunity to reprent ye of your sinnes



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