Friday, 14 May 2010

Tweet Tweet

I have set to thinking about my Study as a result of reading Alan Crawley's blog posted earlier today. With thanks to the ever insightful, Twurch-hating cartoon-monger Dave Walker, I can offer you all a little insight into the midden that is the place of my work. 

This cartoon represents my study on a very tidy day.

Anyway, to the point Cloake. Crawley (and in no way creepy) was ruminating on the community of the social meejya, and Twitter featured as part of that - he isn't a Twit yet, so has yet to sample the delictations of this electronic art.

I am a recently converted Twit (in the past tense, does a Twit become a ... never mind) and have learned that it is a powerful tool. In conjunction with the Bish (as in +Alan, as in Blog), I learned that Twitter allows the Twit a front seat in just about any situation. The visit of the EDL was a case in point - we knew where they were arriving, which pubs they were parking at and when, and so on - I knew what they knew.

The General Election is another case in point, and more especially the terminal moments of the last government. It's all in the hashtags (#ukelection for example) - find one and follow it, and you are in the middle of what is going on. I sat and filled a whole evening (yes, I am one sad degenerate) with my iTouch - with the journos twittering, members of the parties twittering and those of us following the hashtags sensed the events minutes before they became manifest in the media glare.

So, if you have a penchant for peering through keyholes, standing outside bedroom windows in the dark at night, placing glasses against walls, or tapping the phones of acquiantances, become a Twit. You know you want to.

... then kiss goodbye to family life, friends, nutritional meals, sleep, focus, sense ...... whibble

I ought to say that much good can be done with an immediate communicative device as this - read my earlier post to see just how. Having an 'audible' voice in the middle of just about anything can't be a bad thing, in the right hands!

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