Sunday, 14 March 2010

It's all abaht faaaaaamlee

The thing about blokes is that they cherish their mothers above most other things (except their cars, of course). Think Grant and Phil Mitchell and that horrid little woman they call 'muvva' in Eastenders, and you will know that I mean. 

Well, dear readers, I have 'a mother of note'. too As it is a good day for it (and as I sit here praying that her card arrived in time), I thought to myself - Cloake, you have a blogette, so use it! 

My mum is flippin' excellent. She is one of my closest friends, one of my keenest fans, my harshest critic, a drinking partner, a guiding light, a fabulous cook (and teacher of the art, just ask my own family), a shoulder to cry on, a sounding board, among my chiefest motivators, my counsellor, my psychiatrist, my frequent TableTable dinner dinner date date, a like mind on real ale, a lover of aircraft like me, and fellow admirer of Top Gear, a good carflick girl and most importantly - always 'just there' when and if I need her. She takes no payment from me, save for the odd pint, she asks for nothing in return. She is always glad when I descend on her hospitality (often with no notice) and will always feed me a meal that is special, whatever time of day or night. She makes me feel important, and she has always made me feel like I am worthwhile, even in the many times when I have majorly cocked up. 

Lest we forget my blokishness, I ought to confess to how I repay her. I rarely phone, I have forgotten her birthday and Mother's Day on more than one occasion. I have not written to her in over 700 years. I drink her gin and rarely replenish it, I eat her food and can't remember the last time that I cooked for her. I use her house like a doss-house,  all the while reserving the right to lecture her about the way she chooses to 'keep house'. 

So mum, if you do indeed read this - Happy Mother's Day. With all my blokey heart I love you, and I know that you have made me what and who I am. I know I can, but I take you for granted and for that I am both deeply grateful yet eternally sorry, and while I can never in this life repay you the debt I owe you, I hope I can be half the parent to my kids that you have been to me and my baby brother and sister. If I achieve that much, then I will have lived a good life.

Thank you x

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  1. Oddly, despite posting this at 6am on Mothering Sunday, it says that I did it on Saturday. Interesting, perhaps my body clock is proper hokey!

    (note the 6am bit, note the dedication)



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