Friday, 19 February 2010

Ode To Gadgets

(to the tune 'Ode to Joy')

I have bought a brand new printer
Sparkly, black and wireless
Printing  sermons from the toilet
Or from the comfort of my bed
Added to my little iTouch
With its smooth and slidy screen
We have ourselves the kings of gadgets
Most blokes will know just what I mean

N’er a cable mocks my study
In the quest to rule my world
Sitting naked in my garden
If the feeling took a hold.
Sending pages through the ether
Double-sided if you please
I can work through every hour
Workaholism, my disease.

I needn’t stop to bath the babies
Typing while I watch Top Gear
Eating is edged out in favour
Of writing a blog for you lot here.
The wireless function of the gadget
Means I’m assured an early grave
If overwork and stress don’t get me
Then Jo w


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