Friday, 19 February 2010

Doof Doof D D Doof

I admit it, I  watch Eastenders! So scourge me, so stone me, so mock me!

Today is the day when the folks from Eastenders celebrate their 25th anniversary. So, I have watched, on average, three episodes a week, fifty-two weeks a year for twenty-five years:

82 Days of my life  - good grief (and that doesn't include the omnibus on a Sunday)

There are those who claim to listen to the Today programme on Radio 4! I am not of that breed; I am not cut from that cloth. I am a blunt instrument, but I like to be entertained, not terminally bored by high-brow gubbins on high-brow Stations. 

Yes, Eastender is piffle. Yes, it is possibly the most depressing thing every to assault my senses. Yes, it makes me mad at times, but where would the life of any bloke be if he couldn't kick back with a beer and watch this tripe thrice weekly. 

(but if you refer to it as 'Stenders' in my earshot, I am apt to seperate you from your giblets, abbreviating fool)


And who said we were culturally bankrupt ... those who listen to the Today programme I imagine

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