Sunday, 20 December 2009

The first step

I am writing this, not because I particularly want to, but because I have a niggling sense that I ought to. I am not sure that I have anything to say, not of any value at any rate, and I am also not entirely confident that the bilge from my ruminations is worth paddling in.

If you are reading this, and you are not me, then you might be a little curious as to who I am. Well, I am David Cloake, resident of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire (in England [optimistic hope of international readers]). I am an ordained priest in the Church of England, having been so for a few months now. I am married to a wonderful woman called Jo, known to me simply as 'Jo', and we have twin daughters, Jessica and Rebekah. I am sure that I will talk about them later, so will not test your patience here.

I refer to myself as the Vernacular Curate for the simple reason that I am a normal 'bloke'. When not affecting a Vicar Voice, I can have a mouth like a sewer, exuding the considered opinions from my overly cynical mind. I get annoyed more than I ought (and you will discover this soon enough), rant at a whim and I like a pint of Beer (beer, mind - not chemical yellow stuff in green bottles from a fridge, that is not beer).

Hobbies ... nah, no time, what with the kids and 'The Ministry' - (apply your own orchestral embellishment whenever I say 'The Ministry', then feel daft for doing so, as you will be the only one so doing). I used to Paraglide, play squash, sleep, have time for me, have time for prayer; all in the past and I will re-acquaint myself with them all in retirement.

So, I am religious. I will talk a lot about religious things. Why? Not sure really. I don't know who I am writing to, but the link will land on the Parish website, so the Curate ought to say some things that sound moderately religious. I believe in the God of the Trinity and am a follower of Jesus Christ. My leanings in terms of practice could be best described as catholic, ritualisitic, Sacramental, but with less fussiness of late (I think that I need more sleep to appreciate fussiness; now I just get moody about it). I have ceremonial OCD, so please put that chair back, and I like my music pre-Neanderthal (I do not own a Matt Redman album, but I can tell that you are impressed that I know the name).

Those of you who have never written a blog, and until ten minutes ago that included me, you might wonder why this feels decidedly odd. I am writing to a void at the moment. If you have got this far, then you might be willing to carry on with this with me. I will appreciate your company as we come to the Christmas of 2009 and the anticipation of a new calendar year. I will write periodically, not daily, as I have a life that needs me in it, but maybe I will work out a routine and something worthwhile in the meantime.

Peace and Blessings to you

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