About me

I am Fr David Cloake, and I thank you for taking the time to pay a visit to my blog. I am a priest who has, until recently, been ministering in Aylesbury UK. In the autumn, I will become the Vicar of Ss. Philip & James, Whitton in London. I am married to a wonderful woman who is endlessly tolerant of the vagueries of parish work and life, and two amazing twin girls who bring life into balance for me. My ministry is rooted in family life. 

I am a sacramental Christian, which is shorthand for like the Eucharist quite a lot. Some would call me an Anglo-catholic!

Mad as a box of frogs, probably.

I wrote this blog for a whole array of reasons that are unclear to me. I am trying to work it all out like all of us are and this is my way of arranging thoughts. I shoot from the hip, but I hope not unfairly or outside of the love I have for most people! Take me with a pinch of salt, and certainly not too seriously. Whatever you read, it is authentic! I am often asked how long each post takes to write. Fifteen minutes, thanks for asking!

(The shirt isn't faded - it was the camera flash)

Contact me on revcloake@gmail.com


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