Friday, 18 May 2012

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This

To most people this is some scrawl on a piece of 'Hello Kitty' paper, and to most people this is inconsequential. 

The Twins Aculae turned five recently, one of those early milestone birthdays through which children properly pass from toddlerdom to child-dom! The fact that both of my children appear to be taking their genetic makeup from the Masai Tribe is neither here nor there. But they are now, officially, Big Girls. 

You 'hear' me waffle on about my work a lot, and under-pinning much of that is this crew of the wondrous that share this house with me. If you have read this blog for a long time will know how amazing I find my children, and how enraptured I am by the beauty of their growth and development. 

Now it is fair to say that I can count the Ts A as gobby cows with attitude. They show me no respect, are rude to the missis, maul the moggie, crap-up the crib, drop things on the floor without a passing care for my poor back (not that I do any of that stuff, I have a very capable woman for all that tidying and cleaning lark), and act their age not their shoe size - all very difficult stuff. Blessed may it be, for all of that. 

I once pondered their growing hands in this post two-odd years ago. I often wonder how they will grow, into what kinds of people. The picture is the recent and much treasured work of one of those pairs of hands - as scrawl starts to take form, vocabulary increases, splodgy pictures become identifiable things and sense can be made of what must the plethora of thoughts that hitherto could only be expressed through squeal and tantrum. 

Now I am pretty sure that none of you really want to sit here and read how much I love my daughters (and thank you for getting to this point). What you can see was left on my desk one day recently and has fast become my treasured possession. It strikes me that posts about funeral words, utterances about loneliness in ministry, and all other grumps and wheezes that proceed from this keyboard - they all contingent upon what is pure and real. This note is a symbol for me of absolute hope in the world created by God. 

By the way, she is left-handed and writes backwards so you need to read it from the other end to see what she says. Game, set and match - perfect love. 


  1. Even a childless old curmudgeon like me can identify with your feelings about this. It's tempting to say "Ah, bless!" so I won't.

  2. Arrrrrggggggghhhhhh Lovely.

  3. Mrs. Doorkeeper18 May 2012 at 17:15

    Actually, with all that mirror-writing stuff, you could just have a little female Leonardo da Vinci on your hands. Scareeeee!!!!!

    And now I've got tears in my keyboard!

  4. :-) they are indeed the hope for the future, our future. I view my girls in much the same way. I am daily amazed and thankful of the miracles that they are and the blessing that God has heaped upon me by letting me share their walk in life. I learn so very much from them and so much more about myself.

    Pete announced the day that young Aris was born that she would not only invent the hoverboard but she would have a big part in the role of world peace...I'll let you know how that works out!

  5. Are both girls left handed?

    Both DH and I are left handed yet neither the son or daughter are. To add to the pressure their reception teacher was left handed too.

  6. Defnitely no "grumps and wheezes" in this one :)

    The sentiment here is precious, and so appropriately associated with God's love. Makes me think of a companion scripture, "For God so loved .... that He gave." No doubt those two treasured possessions will recognize His love more readily because of your love for them.

  7. aw, melting heart moment... too cute. I still use a note in my bible as a bookmark that my son, now 8, wrote for me some years back, which just says 'I love you Mum'. Gets me every time I read it!!



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