Friday, 17 February 2012

Culture and Changes to Meaning

I am not a fallen cross
Mrs Acular was sitting with the Twins Aculae reading to them from a book that I was using to help me prepare for Lent (yes, I do pious things like that). It was a book about the Seven Saying of Christ on the Cross (there, I have given away the theme of my Good Friday Devotions) and the kids were interested in my book.

So, the dear woman read to them. I think that she was extracting something out of me, I am not sure, but read she did. She flicked through some pages concerning Eli and Lenny Sabakthany, some others about mother swapping, yet more about needing a drink and some about exercise. Huh?!

Me - I was faffing on my Gadget of Choice (and thrashing AC Milan right royally) and hardly paying any attention. Something didn't seem right, but never mind. I scored another virtual goal, with Rooney being the able  player responsible for my advancing lead. 

"What was that you just said?", I uttered as I peered over my GofC (half time, so I could look away from the screen). She read the line again.

What she read should have meant that Jesus was brought before the Roman Geezer who would wash his hands of him. As it was, in her rendition of the now famous account, Jesus was brought by his friends to an exercise class. (Lk 23: 1)

No - not 'Pilates' I said. It is pronounced 'Pilate'. Oh how we laughed (as I let a goal in).

Still, it goes up there with Pontius Plate the other Roman error.

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  1. The only question remaining is, where does he park his aeroplane?



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