Thursday, 6 October 2011

One Less Innovator

It is with considerable sadness that I learned of the death of Steve Jobs, the former head of Apple - and the mind behind iPods, iPhones, iPads and other things.

It is fair to say that the world didn't need any of them, but sometimes the work of a true inventor is a joy to behold. A company that didn't make phones stole an entire market from those that did. He invented a breed of computer that no-one thought they needed and now can't live without. How rarely do we see a person, a leader, a dreamer, such as this. 

For me, my own lifestyle owes much to this man. For over a decade I have held one of his products close to me. Yes, just gadgets, but gadgets that add to my personal experience of life - by adding music that I love so much, imagery, and so much else. 

Yes, people starve and people die at the hands of others - and so this man's products are essentially toys for people with money, but that doesn't diminish his impact on so many of us who use his ideas to form our world in some small part.  I am not mourning the Godfather of the Gadget, but I am mourning am innovator, and any true innovator is a wonderful example of the God given potential that humankind has at its fingertips. One need only think of the King James Bible ...

May he rest in peace. It is fair to say he probably has an App for that too. 


  1. Churchwarden on the moon6 October 2011 at 08:28

    Amen to that. ( sent from my iPod!)

  2. Well done David.....a lovely post. I was amazed this morning to find myself wiping away a tear for a man I never met but whose inventions have filled me with joy! RIP indeed!

  3. Steve Jobs had creativity, the determination not to give up on the way to fulfilling a vision and saw the need for beauty (even in a gadget). Aren't these marks of humanity created in the image of God?

  4. What a lovely remembrance. The thing I find remarkable, is how this remarkable innovator never allowed his illness to stem the tide of his creative genius. He lived until he died.

  5. Liked the post David. Loved the Dara O'B
    "The Bible, for God's sake, it's not Gospel"!
    Thanks, I needed a laugh.



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