Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Here I am Lord; Neon Sign Lord

The next twenty-four hours will be, for my family, as significant as they can be. Tomorrow will be the Twins Aculae's first day at school, and also my Institution as the next Vicar of Ss Philip & James here in Whitton. 

As I write this, I am a former Assistant Curate and kids  pre-schoolers. Mrs Acular is a 'between jobs lawyer'. Tomorrow, we will all acquire new places in the world in which we live. I mention the missus because she, without any choice or say-so, takes on the mantle of "Vicar's Wife" - which brings with it expectations and projections not of her making and for which she received no training. Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers. 

To date, I have done all the stuff you have already known about in the months prior to now. Then I moved house and have been largely hidden away with the family as we come to terms with a new home. A few meetings have happened to give me a briefing of what may lay ahead - and then there is the Big Day (tomorrow 7.30pm). 

Now you might imagine that I favour being in the spot-light. Being a gob-on-a-stick might lead you to conclude that so being makes me fond of being the centre of attention. You'd be mistaken. I am happy getting on with getting on, and although I like to bask in whatever success I might precipitate, I prefer to do so from the sidelines, not in the middle where everyone can see me. I've surprised you, haven't I. The thing is, and my fragrant wife likes to remind me in song: "Here I Am Lord, Neon Sign Lord". We laugh and I inwardly shudder a little. 

Anyway, there is not a thing I can do about any of that except be grateful glad and thankful for every bit of it. Some much loved people are travelling great distances to share the moment with me tomorrow, and I can't wait to see them. I am blessed by some very faithful loving and wonderful friends. I shall miss the ones who can't be there, knowing that they would be had they not been tied up on a prior engagement. 

Then Thursday morning. That dear friends, is a very big matter which you will have to read about then. 

Please pray for this unworthy servant as he begins a new ministry. Pray too for my remarkable family who make all that I do possible. Pray for the people of the parish where I will serve, and those in the wider community. These are exciting times, and I just cannot wait to get going. 


  1. David, I know you are under lots of pressure, but I hope that this day gives you all of the peace and joy with all of this going on.

    You will be in my prayers today.

  2. Blessings and best wishes to you and all the family for the great day.
    Looking forward to witnessing the event.

  3. David, it's not often I just stop and pray for someone and their family, but having the tiniest insight to all that is going on in your lives I took a moment.

    I warmly remember the licensing of our former Vicar (and now friend, funny how we had to wait for him to leave before that really happened!) to his current parish, and am keenly anticipating the announcement of our new Vicar this Sunday and looking forward to a licensing before Advent.

    All the best :0)

  4. The Spirit of God be upon you and the quiet of that spirit guide you, and obove all else, read your bible once each week for yourself; without thinking of sermon preperation.

  5. Prayers for a servant not as unworthy as he thinks he is, prayers for Mrs Acular and the little Aculae, prayers for all in your parish, deanery colleagues and for those ecumenical colleauges you'll work with, and above all for the joy, strength, support, correction, guidance and love of God you and your family all bring to your new home.

  6. David, I was thinking of you and your family this evening and praying for you all tonight and in the future.
    You have been so kind to me and other 'newbies' and I pray that you find the same support in your new parish.

  7. Prayers for you and yours, David! Exciting times for all of you. I understand about the Missus.

  8. Thank you all, so much.

    But for now, off to school ... (I can report that the girls look heart-meltingly cute in their new uniforms)

  9. Praying through the next few days for you and your family x.

  10. Praying for you all and really hope tonight is great! Sometimes in moments like these we forget what we are actually doing! So I hope that is is both joyful and peaceful.

  11. Prayers for you all, David and I know this evening will be very special (thinking back to my own first induction)

  12. What a beautifully crafted prayer request (neon lights and all!). If the Lord orders our steps, and I believe He does, then you are right where you belong; and right where He wants you.

    I have often thought Pastors and their wives are expected to be perfect according to an ever-changing, or diverse set of standards. God bless you both!

    May this new chapter be of great joy to you and your beloved family; and a great honor unto the Lord.



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