Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Blog - The Tentmaking Minister

The accused is one Jonathan Hawkins, Your Honour - Clerk in Holy Orders and regarded as one jolly fine chap!

OK, so I need to convince Jon to take some more pictures of his handsome visage, but this is the man whose Blog I am delighted to feature this week.

In his own words:

I am a latecomer to ministry as a priest in the CofE, having first pushed on the door some 30 years ago but finding it not yet open.
Consequently I have spent most of my life working as a Chartered Surveyor in the residential market based first in Essex and then in Buckinghamshire.
 During my life I have been privileged to marry Jackie, to have two sons, and now a grandson. We now have a regular excuse to travel to Miami where our grandson lives with his mum & dad
I have been a tinkerer with computers since before the BBC brought one out. The first upgrade I did was with a soldering iron on the motherboard because that was how it was then (showing my age again).
 As a consequence I have used, messed, played and worked with computers and all sorts of different operating systems but am now nearly standardised on Apple Mac products having made the change a year ago.
 Over the time I have used computers we have seen a tremendous increase in their use for communication and sharing things with others including sharing our love of God on the ‘net’. I have created several web sites for churches in the past as more and more people when seeking a spiritual home will search ‘Google’ etc to find what is on offer.
 I have been reading blogs for sometime and felt that I might have something to share with others about my own journey, my call to serve in a nearby village, and my struggle to see where the CofE is going, so I decided to start. Well, I decided that a while ago but have procrastinated a lot over the vexed question as to whether I would have anything of value to share that others might be interested in.
Eventually I realise that I would only find out by doing, and so ‘The Tentmaking Minister’ blog got started. Only time will tell how it will work out.

I have been delighted to have have found Jon's blog. As decent a man you would be hard pressed to find, and that alone qualifies him as a one to read. However, I enjoy Jon's blog because it has some other 'bits' which makes it distinct to others. If you are a computer-type, then you won't be disappointed. We are from very different ecclesial backgrounds, but that makes no difference to us. He is a big-hearted, pastoral man and I commend him, and his excellent blog to you in those terms.  Read him and follow him, please.

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