Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Facebook and Google+

Once it was Imhotep and Brendan Fraser. Once, it was Ali G and Michael Gambon. Once, it was Lesley and The Welsh Bishop. Now we have a new Head-to-head of global proportions:

In simple terms, if you are simple, Google+ is like Facebook, only not Facebook because only Facebook is like Facebook and Google+ like Google+. That said, there are striking similarities between Facebook and Google+ which would give rise to you thinking that Facebook was Google+ and that Google+ was in fact Facebook. Once, the market was monopolised by Facebook, but now it sees a mighty challenger - Google+

Get it? Good. 

Some of you may be wondering what the fuss is all about, that surely 'Google' is Ancient Patagonian for Yahweh, hence its presence in just about everything - but no, Google+ is yet another facet in the social meejya scrum which will now mean that I have even less time for my neglected wife and children. I already need two hands to count fellow bloggists who, this day, have frittered a whole day on getting to know the new technological toy. I have dabbled as I lunched, I admit. So far, it feels a little like the same pub but with a new name over the door. Same beer, same seats, same Jukebox - except you can yap to your mates on webcam love-ins and share You Tube clips. And why wouldn't you? 

It's all jolly, and a bit of fun. The serious side of my frontal lobe does worry that this is yet another step in the Googlisation of Plant Earth which to the ether-world is like the Tescofication of all shops here in Britain. There are many criticisms of Facebook as there are with any successful venture, but I wonder if the world needed a replacement held in the hands of The Great Artificer. We will see. 

I now know, though, in absolutely clear and informed terms, what will save the Church of England from itself ...

...Google. The Church of England must be about the only institution that Google neither owns nor emulates (though Google+ is nearly +Google of the Internet). It is only a matter of time, mark my words


  1. But how long will it last? Google have a bit of a history of producing new things, only to see them disappear out of sight in a few months or a couple of years. Google Wave, for example, was a great concept and a beta was launched, only to be abandoned after less than two years.

    Although I don't trust fb as far as I could throw Mark Zuckerberg, I don't place any more faith in the G organisation either.

    Not holding my breath.

  2. - the only institution that Google doesn't own?

    Well, it was until you mentioned it but, with their omnipotent search facility, they have just been directed to your post and so they will now know that they don't own it. Prepare for either a takeover or a thinly-veiled-copy rival.

    Actually, I think Revsimmy is right. Fb not only has, but has created, such a huge market-share in that area that Google's offering is possibly too little too late.



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