Thursday, 7 July 2011

All Change

This is partly a test post and partly an observation ...

... but Blogger went and changed tonight. Every jolly thing is different 'behind the scenes' and that is a little bewildering to say the least. Needless to say, I will work through all of the apparent changes and work out what is what, but first dabbles suggest a stylising, not a tectonic shift in the software. 

What is clear is that there are options available to me that weren't an hour ago, so I will play around with them. If anything untoward happens in this blog, please just bear with me. 

It raises an interesting point though. The joy of blogging is that is accessible to people who may be entirely new to computing, and the 'dashboard' was very user friendly. Big changes in layout at the very least could very well frighten off some, and that would be a shame. Whilst I think the 'back room' of Blogger is a pretty place compared to before, it is new and unfamiliar. Warning or notes would have been good!


  1. I've just read all the comments on the link you put on Ray's post, David, and the new dashboard certainly doesn't look like an unqualified success! I'm still with the old one and until they make Blogger in Draft comfortable for those of us with less than perfect sight (I have cataracts, but can use the old dashboard without any problem), I'm staying with it. This sounds to me like change for change's sake and a triumph of style over function.

  2. mine looks the same as normal.. maybe they picked you out as special...;)



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