Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Blog - Two Steps Forward

This week's featured blog is 

It is the work of Rachel Firth, the about-to-be Vicar of St. Stephen's in Lindley, somewhere north of London. She is about to complete her curacy at Halifax Minster, and is new to this blogging lark.

I have got to know Rachel a little through the life I live through Twitter and her views are to the point, apposite and very calmly laid out. Posts of my own here have benefitted from her comments, and she is not afraid to wrestle with the issues plighting the blogosphere. Her perspective on matters is, to say the least, proving to be refreshing. 

A liturgist, a ++Rowan loyalist - perhaps you can see why I might choose to champion this blogger and her writing. She can even make a dalmatic look acceptable, and that alone makes her worth a punt. 

Please give her blog a try, follow it, and you will not be sorry - or your money back.

...and please keep your recommendations coming in.

I give my thanks to the excellent Rev Robb Sutherland, the Rocking Reverend, who recommended Rachel's blog to me. His well established blog [Changing Worship] is worth a read too, and a more decent geezer you will hard pressed to find. 


  1. *blush*

    (dunno why this openid thingy calls me changingworship)


  2. You really must stop 'outing' your pseudonymical acquaintances. You go telling anyone who I am and you're out of the Will.



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