Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Blog Announcement - Giving Something Back

Blogging can have a tendency to be an introverted and slightly self-centred pastime. We sit and write about what we want to write about and the subject matter, by necessity, revolves around us and how we're feeling. That is its nature, and part of the deal really.

Certainly, you have all been very supportive of my flights of whimsy and have walked with me on a many of my little inner-jaunts. For that I thank you all, once again.

Something that really gives me a buzz is to help people along the way. It is part of ministry and it is part of what makes me tick, and already I need a second hand to count the numbers of new bloggers I have helped out. It is my pleasure to help and my desire to pay the blogosphere back. So ...

From next week onwards, I am going to have a regular blog slot that spotlights new blogs. I will either talk about  the new blog myself or invite its blogger to comment here. I ask of you a couple of things:
1. That if you are a new blogger you seek me out and introduce me to your blog.
2. That if you read my blog that you will at least give the blogs that I feature a once over!
3. Spread the word - a new blogger may appear that was hitherto hidden!

The blogs I seek will be...
a. Of interest to the readers of this blog (which is to say, look at my blog roll and see what I read - so Christian, Armed Forces, that sort of thing - though not exclusively so, take a gamble)
b. That you have been blogging for six months or less
c. That if the blog is older than six months that it has fewer than ten posts

That's it!

Featured blogs will be entered to my blog roll or one I create specifically for the job, and I will commit to following and reading them. I have already seen that there are some wonderful new blogs emerging, each with distinct angles on their chosen topic. This endeavour is, to be sure, as selfish as it is altruistic!

I have no idea how (or if) this will go. If it goes well, I might see more blogs than I can feature and will have to prune that particular bush - but I will regard that as a happy accident. My decision is final - mostly cos this is my blog, so there. 

Happy Blogging - reveal yourself to me!


  1. That's a very generous offer, David. My blog was enormously helped by you and other kind and well-established bloggers giving me a blog-roll listing in my earliest days. I look forward to seeing some new and fascinating blogging talents emerge.

  2. What about

    @revdrach is having a dabble.

  3. Great idea - so nice! I started doing something like this a few weeks ago because a friend started a "Pay It Forward" meme. I realized I should have been doing it all along.

    Here's a post where I mention 5 blogs you might be interested in, fairly new, and they are young (20-ish) people. I tend towards promoting the young ones!

    I think you'll like Giuseppe @ The Three B's.

  4. As anyone who has been kind enough to read my blog will know, it would not exist had I not had enormous help from you on many occasions.
    Your new endeavour is typically generous and I'm sure it will take off very fast.
    It will be really interesting to follow the progress of your proteges.
    May the 'force be with you'.



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