Friday, 13 May 2011

God's Way with Bloggers

Across the whole wide world everywhere, pulses have been racing like mad. Because it is Friday 13th? Nope. Because they have discovered that they only got Osama's looky-likey? Nope. 

The reason why the entire civilised world has collapsed into melt-down is because Blogger died this very day (for those of you wondering what this 'Blogger' thing is, you are using it now. It is the things that eejits like me use to write loving prose to philistines like you). Anyway, it went and died. 

Then it rose again after 20.5 hours. Let me tell you that Twitter (when it was working) was alive and ablaze with the fact that Homo Bloggo could not writo, and even I received an anxious email from a fellow blogatoid wondering what was up. Big news! Bloggers could not blog. I can't talk though, because I have been like a thirsty person without a drink and with a tap that will not pour. Try it once? Try it a hundred times; Blogger would not work. Pulses raced, sweat-beads formed. Panic-attacks set in, heart-beats raced. Tensions mounted, moods fractured. A world without Blogger is, it seems, a bleak place; an inhospitable place. What of all the lovely Comments, the juicy Stats? They were gone like gossamer on a breeze. Bye then!

Then Blogger returned and blogatoids around the world sighed the heavy sigh of relief, before noticing that posts were missing, at which point, anxieties raced once more. This is a blogger's life. And not only that, but when Blogger became the second Holy Resurrection of 2011, Twitter went all Good Friday. Palpitations are in danger of triggering another tsunami even now. 

What are we like, ladies and gentlemen? Why am I asking you? You read this stuff, I only write it. Of one thing I am absolutely sure - this was surely God's humourous way of telling us blogatoids to get a life!!

No cats were properly harmed in the making of this Blog Post.


  1. The twitching was subsiding, but the pulse was still racing until an hour ago :-) As you say, David, we reallu ought to go and get a life....

  2. Or you could just move to a decent platform ;)

  3. You speak for yourself Cloake's kid! Blogger IS my life! How sad is that?
    And I am so so glad it's back. Have just descended warily from the chandelier....

  4. Hey, came across your blog via Bishop Alan. Blogger being down annoyingly co-incided with my new resolve to blog regularly (for about the 14th time this year.)

    revsimmy, you may just have a point: Wordpress beckons.

  5. Wearing a grin at this one!

    How did this cyber-world gain such preeminence: the virtual over the real?

    Then again, maybe it's just a new version of the old Pen Pal thingy. We do love to know and be known.

    I like the thought that the Lord pressed "pause" as an illustration. Seems He uses parables in cyberspace too :)




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