Thursday, 14 April 2011

And I Thought It was Jeremy Clarkson

If you wish to waste a moment of your life, then try this ...

This is based on the twaddle in my last post. Every blogger in the whole world will have tried this tool today, and I am marginally disappointed that I don't appear to write like Jezza, or more importantly that literary giant David Cloake. Can anyone who has read the words of this fine woman, please qualify this assertion please. For all I know, she might write for the under-5s (though it pays Julia Donaldson well)!

I write like
Margaret Atwood
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I don't even look like a Margaret, more a Persephone.


  1. David, Margaret Atwood is one of the finest living novelists, having won a number of writing prizes and awards including the Booker Prize and the Arthur Clark award (for science fiction). She is Canadian and has written a number of critically acclaimed books, some which envision a scary future which she calls "social science fiction" (particularly The Handmaid's Tale, which was made into a movie, and Oryx & Crake and The Year of the Flood, two entertwined novels). She also writes poetry and short stories. Do no despair at being compared to her, man. She's one of my heroes.

    (This little game went around last year some time and I kept submitting blog posts until I also scored M.A.)

  2. Don't take it personally. The 'test' is not gender specific. Nor anything else very specific as far as I can see.
    Apparently I write like James Joyce.
    I should be so lucky!

  3. You don't write like Margaret Atwood. I read you. No-one's been able to force me to read Margaret Atwood since I took my A-levels. And all your writing is full of reflection on the God-given and precious value of all people, and she hates humans.(oh, and my mother-in-law was in her social circle in the late sixties and says she's an unbearable arrogant snob, which you aren't).If I ruled the world her place on the A level curriculum would be taken by a book of your collected blog entries, grouped round themes (trying to think of a good title for the anti-hygiene rants ;))

  4. PS I'm calling you Persephone from now on

  5. Further to my comment, when as usual, I missed the point, Margaret Attwood is a very well-thought of writer (I believe Canadian). I have read a few of her books but find them hard going. That's just me, but if you really write like her you can expect a plaudit or two.

  6. Thank you for this - I am altogether more intrigued than ever before. What is interesting is the polarity of opinion herein displayed!

    I am respond to Persephone on a Saturday :D

  7. Well, I'm glad to find that anyone is compared to a female writer. I did this over on Clayboy's blog and with three tries was told I write like Edgar Allan Poe, H P Lovecraft and Vladimir Nabakov! ROFL!

  8. I write like Margaret Atwood

    Perhaps it's the way you sit in front of your computer. May I suggest you don't cross your legs but plant them firmly on the floor under your desk if you want to appear more masculine.

  9. I have just taken the test again on your blog and this time I write like HP Lovecraft - who he? she?
    Fascinating but absolute bunkum of course!

  10. Lol! I write like Atwood too, apparently. She wrote a anti-coercive religion novel called "The Handmaid's Tale," which I remember vividly, and a semi-autobiographical novel, about the meanness of girl gangs called The Cat's Eye, which I also remember.
    I wonder how big their pool of literary idols is.
    David, thank you for the blog roll add. I have changed my URL to match the title. The new URL is Would it be possible to add the new URL to your blogroll please, as the old URL will no longer work.
    You're on my blogroll too, of course!
    Thanks much,

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! (sorry!!!!)
    I've been teaching Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale this year. My favourite is "Cat's Eye" a novel about bullying. Atwood is a feminist writer by the way - I have to say I have never seen you in that light!

    I shall try out my own prose style in a moment and shall be cross if I am not something impressive, like James Joyces (but please note that I can only manage the prose found in Finnegan's Wake when I am very drunk.)



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