Saturday, 12 March 2011

Blog Notice

Because I am perhaps the most helpful male Homo Sapien that ever walked upright in the whole world ever, I have pressed a button behind the scenes of Blog Central so that those of you who read this on a mobile device can receive this drivel in a tiny-weeny form. Am I not the tops?

I can feel the love, brothers and sisters; I can feel the love. 

Now sponsor me for this parachute jump that I am doing. Too few of you have, and you only need a credit card to stand me the cost of a gin and tonic (gift aided please). Thank you!

And as it is a Saturday, a suggestion: Mr Hargreaves, you need to write a Little Mr Helpful book next time - this look doesn't quite fit my hard-man-of God image!


  1. I bet Little Miss Helpful doesn't say "Am I not the tops". I bet she is all self deprecating and says "it was nothing", or "you're welcome".
    See, I think you should do a sponsored grovel :)

  2. I agree with Suem Narcissus. As I may have remarked before, whatever you die of, it won't be a surfeit of modesty!

  3. Ladies ladies; what is the point of having a trumpet and not blowing it, huh.

    In fact, it could well be said that I am entirely perfect save for my modesty .... my dreams :)



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