Friday, 4 February 2011

You're Having a Laugh

I give you, after God, Jesus, the Spirit, my dad, Father Christmas and the gerbils, my hero - one Jeremy Clarkson. The co-presenter of Top Gear, my favouritist programme ever, he is something of a inspiration to my more playful writing styles. He is one of the funniest men on the telly, and he says some of the most outrageous things - and often gets into trouble for it.

Today has taught me how strange humour is. Jezza's crime today was stereotyping Mexicans as 'feckless and lazy', and something about sleeping a lot. The BBC had to apologise to the Mexican Ambassador, who was right unhappy about the national stereotype. Now,  the thing is this, I can only assume that Signor Ambassador was watching Top Gear, the vehicle (get it) of the comments. If he is a viewer of Top Gear he will be well familiar with Jezza's style. Now, if I were to stand up in my pulpit and call Mexicans 'feckless and lazy', he might have a case - but when a professional Rude Geezer does it (like he does every week), it seems like a willfull humour-bypass moment from the man from Guadalajara!

Which is why Sally Bercow is a numpty (allegedly). She is the Speaker's Wife (the Speaker being the fourth [I think] most senior bod in Parliament - a serious piece of political kit), and exclaimed (among her other facile exclaimings) that Mr Speaker Bercow was something of a yummy scrummy sex-god as Speaker. She said this and then ripped her kit off for a photo shoot, and the resultant image of her in a bed sheet caused mayhem - as well it might. Funny she thought, wrong time and place, I think! 

And all this on the day when we learn that the government of Malawi is intending to make farting breaking wind in public illegal

Now, that is funny ...


  1. Clarkson, funny, you're having a laugh!

  2. Clarkson - I cannot stand the man.

  3. Oooh - an anti-Jezza streak is made manifest here. Gentlemen, is your view extended to the cars too?

  4. Jezza - the Marmite of motoring journalism.

  5. Top gear - not one of my eclectic bunch of interests, but have to agree with revsimmy, marmite he most certainly is. (Clarkson I mean, not the rev). Love him or hate him.
    I do not love him!



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