Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Endlessly Possible

I am the process of entering into a process that will initiate the process by which I will process elsewhere. In the end, I will have to start to apply myself that I may, myself, apply for the next stage in this minsitry that God seems willing to grant me.

I take my first tentative step down this path, and I am struck by how endlessly possible everything is.

I am, by style, a positive kind of man. I am a glass-half-full sort of person (even in instances where the glass is manifestly empty, cracked, mottled with algae - but that is no reason to lose hope). I am fairly straightforward I think  - though not simple, I hope. I can usually get on with everyone whom I meet and with most situations in which I find myself, and that is blessing to me.

This process to which I refer will demand that I put words on paper to frame this out. Saying 'I am a nice geezer who gets on with people' will not cut it, and neither should it. It may not be true, other than in my own head, but people seem to echo this sentiment, which is kind of them.

My perspective is simple: everything is endlessly possible. Even in the realm of the impossible, there are things that are still very positive, and so it is with every encounter with every person of any age in any context. This endless possible-ness is a sacrament. It is God given. It is as wonderful a gift as that first daubed splodge picture from ones own children, that gift that says just about everything that needs to be said about what really is possible.

Even in days where the 'possible' seems elusive, it never actually goes. The gift of the next opportunity, the next day, the next chance - all these things invite the joy of possibilities. some of things will work and some will not - an occupational hazard of possibilities (no certainties, you see). As I look to the brow of a hill which as yet conceals from my view of the other side, I know that I needn't worry. Everything is endlessly possible.


  1. While obviously wishing you the best of luck in this enless list of possibilities, I must admit I'd like to borrow some of your attitude, or maybe just your rose-tinted spectacles.
    You're right, being poitive is a gift and one you appear to have in abundance.
    May I have the name of your fairy godmother please?

  2. I'm sure it says somewhere that everything is possible... with God!

    But the idea that the endless possibilities of the our wondering are each sacraments or unique moments when God is active in the world, is incredibly exciting for the priesthood of all believers!

    (Almost instantaneously with you I've just posted/rambled about the power of wonder at http://ramtopsrac.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/the-power-of-wonder/)

  3. I love that half-full algae mottled glass! I too frequently see potential in everything - praying that this time continues to be an exciting one for you and that you know God's leading.

    (Did that sound too Christianese?!)

  4. And the name of your fairy godmother?!



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