Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Own Goal

These are my eyes. 

I was born with them.

I can do nothing about them save for wearing glasses and lying about them.

I won't lie about my eyes.

I am a nice person, and I treat people properly.

I live the best life I can and do as much for others as I can.

I am a father to children, and a husband to a wife.

My eyes are an accident, but I am proud of them - they are nice eyes. I am lucky to have them.

My eyes will not tell you what I am like, not really. You may think you will be able to tell, but you can't.

My eyes make no difference to you, not really.

With this accident of birth, will you deny me a room in your hotel?

Judge me for my eyes, but only if you want to be judged back. 


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