Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Judging Books By Their Covers

A film has made its way to my attention which causes me much consternation. The film speaks of judging a book. That is fine if you are a literary critic, or if you have something to say that goes beyond just destroying it or its reputation.

There is a man who seeks to do just that. He wants to take a tricky situation, in which there are already too many extremists, and add a further extremism. He offers his opinion as a chosen servant of Jesus Christ, and displays the same hospitality as Caiphas. He seems to want to wage a war of his own, make his name, make his fortune perhaps, by stoking the glowing embers of a fire that he just can't seem to want to let die.

It is an act of generosity and love that is required when regarding the sacred scriptures of any faith. I am not a Muslim, but I do not mean my Muslim brothers and sister any harm. Neither am I a Jew or a Hindu. As a decent citizen, I would not seek to insult something that people help very dear. It can only bring one result - anger and angry reaction. What do I gain by doing that? Nothing. 

I do not recognise the man in this film as called by God. A God who 'is love' does not set fires that will burn people. I do not condone any acts of extremism by members of any faith - all are poor, all harm, all fail to communicate a message except for hatred. They all divide people from other people, they end conversation and dialogue. This 'Christian' man does not speak for me.

1 comment:

  1. Just who appointed this loud-mouthed opinionated bigot to his exalted position - judge and jury?
    Is there not sufficient hatred and suspicion in the world without this incendiary being let loose in our name?
    I notice he refers to we, which we is that, let him name names.



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