Thursday, 27 January 2011

Holocaust Memorial Day 2011

Do not look away, they couldn't. 

It was my honour to visit the Yad Vashem Memorial only weeks ago, and the material in this film is present there and ten fold. 

If you are interested to look, I composed a separate little Blog when I was there - not many posts, and perhaps wildly incomplete. If you are interested to look, follow this link.

Please pray for the living and departed who knew these dark days. Please pray that our children will never see their like. 

I have looked at a lot of films prepared for this day, and this was, in my own opinion, the most evocative. I thank its creator, alaine4488


  1. Absolutely Horrible. I have seen many such images before but a long time ago. One forgets, and we must not!

    For some reason the music, lovely as it is, makes it worse.

    I would say thankyou, but I'm not sure that's what I mean.

  2. The images I can just about look at, but yes - the music drew the tears tonight

  3. Israel is still traumatized by the satanic Holocaust.I frankly think gentiles can't understand that,but we can respect it.

    Never again? This video is well to remember.And at the same time a call to Christians to protect their Jewish brethren.

    This is also a timely reminder about the new wave of persecution impacting Jews worldwide.
    May the Lord continue to watch over Israel and his people.

  4. I had the opportunity whilst on holiday in South Africa last week to visit the cell where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years and also the Holocaust Memorial Musuem - both places brought back to me a reminder of what one human can inflict on another...but the reminder also of the many couragous people who have stood up for their rights..Nelson Mandela and Desmund Tutu just to name two...
    Thanks for your post today..may we never forget..



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