Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Remembering Young Carers

I sat in my study yesterday bemoaning my poorly lot because of the imposition of snow. I was replete with self-centred angst about how life could ever re-start, and whether the snow would ever thaw.

In the end, I resolved that I had a house full of food, even if not the menu items of choice for the festive day. I had wine and gin, power and heat, my health, a couple of cars parked with full tanks of petrol, a job that grants me flexibility more than most, and in the end, nothing so major that its deferral would cause anyone a problem except me. In short, I have it alright - snow or no snow.

Something then emerged on my own horizon which caused me to feel like something of an ass - as it gave rise to me thinking not just about those wonderful people who care for loved ones at home, but youngsters who are the primary carer for a parent or other adult relative at home. What must life be like for them in such adverse weather in the run-up to Christmas?

To my shame, I know no such young carers, or am unaware if indeed I do.This video is courtesy of Young Carers.

We are all tearing around (or not) trying to get Christmas Day perfect. It will be perfect, whatever we do about it - and a deficit of brussels won't hinder that. Please spare a thought for these kids who do so much real good for those closest to them, often unnoticed, often unthanked, often not understood by the world outside - and for the Christmas they are trying to bring together, that their family may enjoy the day too. Take our adult lives and the pressures of making Christmas perfect, subtract time, car, credit cards, hands-on help and add back the needs of an adult who requires so much help at home - then we might come close. 

... but only ever close.

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