Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Putting Words in My Mouth

Putting words in my mouth is never a sage passtime. However, a new campaign by some Christians has annoyed me somewhat.

They are Not Ashamed - of what, you ask? Of being Christians - that's what.

Marvellous - but when were any of us ever ashamed of our Gospel and our Christ? Not even for a second, Drs Carey and Nazir-Ali - not even for a second.

The aim is noble - to place Christianty at the heart of national life, but Jesus 'the only true hope'? I think that even Jesus would argue with that - as hope springs from the goodness that is an all people, even grumpy-nuts sitting here writing this.

And such a negative approach. 'Not Ashamed' is a little passive-aggressive for my tastes. A campaign to inject Christian morality into the life of our wonderful nation would surely have been just as potent under the banner 'Proud', or even 'Saved' or something equally cringeworthy. This assumes that Christians are ashamed and that we shouldn't be. I have never in my life met an ashamed Christian - just ones trying to do their bit, insufficiently in the eyes of the two senior clerics it seems. Actually, Christians are the least ashamed people I have met when touching on the subject of their faith. 

Now, some of the divisive outbursts by the former Primate to undermine his successor - now they are things that might be material where a little 'shame' labelling might not go amiss.


  1. I'd have to say that, for me, hope does not spring from "the goodness that is in all people," as you put it. It springs from the goodness and the grace of God. I do see plenty of goodness in people, don't get me wrong. But I also see around plenty that is not good in people, and the history of the last century prevents me from being that optimistic about the human condition without God's grace.

    I do agree with your final comment, though.

  2. ...boast only in the Cross of Christ. So, in fact, even to boast - or be proud of - "our" religion would be a little bit self-indulgent.
    The Cross and the Gospel matter; using them as political flags does not.

    I completely agree about the passive-aggresive caracter of this campaing.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    I confess that this was written in some haste, though I do believe that goodness exists in all people. Of course hope springs from God first, but made in His image we are, and the hope gene carries to, in my own opinion! You are right though, that we can do nothing without the grace of God.

    Diego - fair comment, perhaps they were bad examples! You can have that one!!!

  4. I wonder if this is not so named as to capitalise on the world successful 'not afraid' phenomenon.

  5. I doubt it. It's just a quote from Romans 1:16.

  6. That is also true, though perhaps I am more of a cynic! They could have used 'Good News', after all

  7. On a brief look the cynical side of me says that they have a catchy name (if you like that sort of thing) simple and strong logo and therefore a lot of products to sell.

    Let people you knwo that you are not ashamed by wearing our jumper! I'd rather it was by my actions thanks!



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