Monday, 20 December 2010

Input and Output

A little while ago, I wrote on the subject of blogging etiquette (for priests), and like all good men, failed to practice what I preached!

Blogging is an ever accelerating thing for many of us. When I started this game last year, I posted once every couple of days, and was mind-set on not exceeding that. This has manifestly changed over the course of the months, and three posts every day is not wildly uncommon. However, there is only one time-cake.

One former habit of choice was sacrificed to the blog-gods so that I had more time, and the next hammer to fall will be upon the heads of my children, so I am required therefore, to make an adjustment now! This also falls within the scope of a life change that I wish to make in general. From the new year one day of every week will become a day of self-denial. In blogging terms, that means the intoxication of 'being read' can be put aside in favour of being a reader to others. 

In short, I am going to cease output on a day a week so that I can add input to the work of others. In line with my belief that [priest] bloggers are [morally] obliged to read [blogs] as much as they write [posts], I will change my own balance to more adequately reflect my own belief. I read other blogs very little, all the while hoping their their authors read (and recommend) mine. Not cool! I do this for three reasons: 
(1) I think it is the right thing to do
(2) Other bloggers are worthy of being read, and to miss them is often a crime
(3) My own words can only be augmented by reading more


  1. OK, would you like to start here?

  2. He beat me to it. I was going to say you can start with mine. Never mind you can always wind up with mine (or down) depending on just how boring they are.

  3. Pipped at the post! May I say "Me, too." Anita

  4. Thanks Fr. David. It was fun to discover you via Lesley's blog!

  5. I like this idea ... it is something that I have started putting into practice recently. It helps that I have found a few good blogging communities with blogs that I have an interest in. At first - I just tried the 'next blog' on blogger - hmmmm - that didn't work for me!! Glad I have been learning how this blogging malarky works :)
    Jo :)



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