Friday, 17 December 2010

Fighting My Way Back

A recent post saw me yield to a rare (I hope) moment of self-pity. I have now had a word with myself, and am starting this very day with a 'fight-back' attitude.

Self-pity has its place, but not here, and not for me. I am richly blessed. 

It is a funny time of year. The celebrations and expectations of Christmas are matched only by a directly proportionate deficit in energy. Everyone around me is tired, frayed, at times despondent, but in the end getting on with it. We have no choice, and perhaps that is good. A fly in the ointment this year in Britain is rather adverse weather and what seem to be a proliferation of snotty sicky bugs. A school near me (with a roll of 300) saw nearly 100 absences on one day. They were  either poorly or there was a great party that I wasn't invited to!

Like prayer and so many other things that at times fall into the 'obligation' box from the 'choice' bag, there are times when all we can do is to reluctantly take the next step. Lack of sunlight, warmth and fresh air added to all of the above are no reason to roll over and give up. I hear the siren in my head now, that helpful voice that screams 'retreat'. No time now - we in collars have a Christmas to facilitate, a job to do, expectations to meet, obligations. This is our time, the time to which we were called to face down the harder days and the tiresome weeks. 

Another day, another 'dollar' ...


  1. The 'dollar' would be nice!

  2. Recovery phase ahoy! though it may not really kick in until noon in Christmas Day...

  3. I appreciate your honesty. We do have to keep going but it is equally important to know when we are depleted and I think it is important to name that. If nothing else as a release valve. One is more likely to keep oneself accountable by admitting the difficulty as one goes along.

  4. "Noon on Christmas Day"? With Boxing Day on a Sunday this year? I tend to have an hour's nap between getting back after the Christmas morning service and lunch. Makes all the difference to the rest of the day. (But might not be practical if you have younger children).

    BTW love the picture!

  5. Hi David, I hope Christmas provided a well deserved rest for you, and you are enjoying the recovery phase.
    Glad I discovered your blog!



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