Thursday, 9 December 2010

At What Price a Point?

During the course of the day, the Coalition have been voting on a measure to amend the capping on tuition fees. I have my views on this.

During the course of the day, violence levels have increased on the streets of London - at the hands of 'students' who have taken their protest to the capital. I have my views on peaceful protests.

During the course of this evening, the heir to the throne was terrorised in his car by violent individuals who, knowing who was in the car, continued to assault the vehicle and its passengers. I have my views on this too.

Today has seen a change in the political landscape of our country. Children (yes, there were minors among the protesters) have discovered pack violence. The Prime Minister's apparent contribution to the day's events was a hearty pack on the back for the man who delivered a salvo of measures that, in his heart, go against what he stood for only months ago. One party appeared to be silent while the compromised smaller brother squirmed under a need to assent against its instincts. I wonder if the Liberal Democrats can, or will ever recover from this. The Royal Family are now legitimate targets to those whose point is now made in the smashing of property, people and principals. Those whose intentions were utterly peaceful, of which I am sure the great majority of protesters number, were defiled by those who saw an opportunity to override peace with violence.

I am not sure that the measure to amend the capping levels on tuition fees is the great tragedy of this day. It should have been, in my own opinion, but it wasn't. The face of my future King, the blooded officers of a constabulary whose work is to protect and serve, the defiled monument to those who died to preserve our freedom, youngsters who would do violence with faces covered, 'kettled' youngsters whose heart was to be peaceful - they are the tragedies of today. They are what we will now remember about Decmeber 9th 2010.

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  1. I am pleased to say that my own Lib Dem MP had the guts to vote with his conscience against the measures before Parliament. (Well done, Stephen)

    What kind of Royal Protection setup takes the heir to the throne within shooting distance of ANY demonstration?

    The police can't win either, can they?



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